What happens with out of stock items? We try VERY hard to make sure we are on top of all items for sale on our website so we never run out what you and your pet needs. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes run out and for that we apologize for any inconvenience. If for some reason one of the products you purchase is out of stock in the fulfillment center, we will ship the balance of your order right away and cancel the item off of your order. You may see an authorization for your order on your method of payment, but we do not charge your card until your order ships. If an item on your order does not ship, this authorization will be removed for the item that was not shipped. Problems with your order? Please contact us within 30 days receipt of any discrepancies from your order so we can rectify the situation immediately!
How can I find the help I need? Weren't able to find a quick answer to your question during your search? You can submit an email to admin@giftstore.website, and we'll work to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.
I ordered the wrong item! Can I exchange it for the product I want? Unfortunately, we are not able to process exchanges at this time. If you are not satisfied with an item you have ordered with us, please don't worry! We are happy to accept your return within 30 days in accordance with our Return Policy.
Can I cancel or change my order after I place it? We have all been in that situation where the confirmation email arrives and you realize you ordered 100 of something and you only wanted 10. So…we made it easy to fix it at no cost to you. We hold your order for 1 hour in "New Status" after you place it before it is sent to our fulfillment center to start picking, packing and shipping. If you need assistance cancelling within the hour of order placement, or have any questions, please email our customer care team at admin@giftstore.website